Strong Surge in Earnings for 'Dream Girl 2': Ayushmann's Film Poised for Successful First Weekend

Den Mark August 27, 2023
Strong Surge in Earnings for Dream Girl 2-Ayushmanns Film Poised for Successful First Weekend

Strong Surge in Earnings for 'Dream Girl 2': Ayushmann's Film Poised for Successful First Weekend: The movie 'Dream Girl 2,' featuring Ayushmann Khurrana, hit theaters on a Friday. Right from the outset, the film enjoyed a robust start at the box office, raising hopes that Ayushmann might finally score a hit after a prolonged period. This positive trend continued into Saturday, as the film continued to draw a substantial audience.

Ayushmann Khurrana, who has been in search of a hit for the past two years, may have found his breakthrough with 'Dream Girl 2.' Released on a Friday, the film showcased its box office prowess from day one, garnering the largest opening of Ayushmann's career.

Strong Surge in Earnings for 'Dream Girl 2': Ayushmann's Film Poised for Successful First Weekend

The impact of 'Dream Girl 2' is evident in its effect on the earnings of blockbuster films like 'Gadar 2.' On Saturday, the film experienced a notable boost in earnings, resulting in a strong box office collection on the second day. This success surely comes as a relief to Ayushmann Khurrana, who faced four consecutive flops since the lockdown.

The Jump in Earnings on Saturday Opening with a collection of Rs 10.69 crore on Friday, 'Dream Girl 2' set a new record for Ayushmann's career. According to trade reports on Saturday, the film's earnings increased by up to 40% on the second day, resulting in a collection of around 14 to 15 crores. Consequently, the net India collection for Ayushmann's film crossed the Rs 25 crore mark within just two days.

Impact of 'Gadar 2' Ayushmann's films have historically seen a significant boost in earnings on the second day. For instance, 'Dream Girl' earned Rs 10.05 crore on its first day and soared to Rs 16.42 crore on the second day—a jump of over 60% in earnings. Similarly, 'Bala' experienced an increase of over 50% in earnings on its second day.

Although 'Dream Girl 2' fell slightly short of these two films' Saturday collections, it's important to note that Sunny Deol's 'Gadar 2' played a role. While Ayushmann's film outperformed 'Gadar 2,' which collected 12 to 13 crores on Saturday, the latter's continued presence in its third week poses a challenge to the new release. This underscores the significant impact of 'Gadar 2' at the box office.

Anticipating a Strong Weekend for 'Dream Girl 2' Within two days, Ayushmann's film garnered over Rs 25 crore. A positive surge in collections can be expected on Sunday, potentially propelling the total weekend collection to surpass 40 crores.

Ayushmann has achieved the 40 crore milestone in the opening weekend only twice in his career. 'Dream Girl' collected over 44 crores in its first weekend, and 'Bala' amassed around 44 crores.

'Dream Girl 2' has received mixed reviews but continues to attract a considerable audience in theaters. Its opening weekend performance is projected to fall within the range of successful films like 'The Kerala Story,' 'OMG 2,' and 'Satyaprem Ki Katha,' all of which achieved weekend collections between 35 to 45 crores and were box office hits. If 'Dream Girl 2' maintains its momentum with theatergoers beyond Monday, it stands a strong chance of achieving hit status before the release of 'Jawan' in two weeks.